Like my terrier, I always have the need to dig…


Whoops! Pawprints. This is Bear. My buddy. My precious dirty dog. My best male friend. A Jack Russell more or less. He was clean and sparkly white– right before this picture was taken. What I love about him is he’s true to his nature. Calling all terriers!

So what if there’s snow? So what if all the teenagers on the block, in the cul de sac, in the neighborhood at large–are sledding downhill just three feet from Bear’s fence. It’s cool. But not that cool. Digging is cool. Big difference between a few excited barks and a good excavation! If Bear were Sarah Palin, he’d be drilling. Thank goodness she’s in Alaska.

So much for those bulbs I planted in mid-October. Perriwinkle and ivy will just have to do. Perrenials are good for the dirt. Their long root systems prevent erosion!! How did I learn that…follow the clues…


Got’cha. Speaking of dirt. “Dirt was an eye-opening, powerful documentary I viewed on Tuesday night at TEEM (Temple Emanuel Environmental Movement). There’s a devoted following of concerned adults. I say, bring on the young people! It would be great if parents would bring their teenagers for exposure to these excellent, educational topics. Besides, 7-9pm is do-able…right? Home in time for hot cocoa. (Now, Bear is technically a doggie teenager–but there are limits. He’d rather watch reruns of “Wishbone.”) The next TEEM environmental movie is February 4th: Green World Rising.


Where’s the washcloth? Bath after breakfast for Bear. Guess that’ll be all the dirt for today. Time to go play in the snow. Darla, our little Mutt sister, won’t DO snow. She’s part Chihuahua, part Dachshund and low to the ground like a Lotus sports car. She’ll watch from the window or from under the covers. You dig?