I saw the musical “Hair” on Broadway eons ago, when some people reading this weren’t remotely BORN. Other readers of this eco-blog may have been in the row behind me in the theatre, wearing fringes and headbands. Nevertheless, some of the lyrics ring true to this day; maybe even more so than they did when I sang them in the shower back in the 70’s.

“Welcome, sulfur dioxide, hello carbon monoxide–the air, the air is everywhere!” (I suppose we can say the same thing about WATER, right?)

It took me a month to read and digest Naomi Klein’s powerful, mind-blowing non-fiction book, “This Changes Everything.” I underlined and highlighted and took so many notes–that now I’ll have to get another clean copy for my library to put next to this one.

The Aperture cinema was shockingly (to me) only a quarter full when Klein’s documentary, “This Changes Everything” was shown for one night only on October 20th. Though it was a Tuesday night at 8, I bought my ticket in advance to be sure and get a seat–and since I’m of legal age–a beer. The one and a half hour film was an excellent, global overview of the enlightening 500 page  book. (But don’t let size frighten you.) The movie is a fine summary, though–trust me on this.

A+. Yes, the documentary gets my A+ rating. Though not actually in 3D, the film paints a detailed, defining, data-backed picture of the reality of climate change as we face 2016. Klein takes us around the globe, from Alaska to the tar sands of Alberta, Canada–to Africa and Beijing. What is uplifting, yes, about the very bad environmental report card? Take heart. There is hope for the planet if we open our multi-pierced ears and computer-induced dry eyes and join a grass roots environmental organization. Get informed first; then, let our well-informed voices be heard.

Naomi Klein is my new hero. She offers a worldview that is beautiful and balanced and humane…”a worldview based on renewal…rather than depletion.” Naturally, since my book, (published October 30th, 2015) the eco-fantasy, ECOWARRIORS: The Bluffs of Baraboo, deals with frac sand mining, I was particularly excited about her thoroughly researched take on the blindness and short-sightedness of FRACKING. Hooray!  There’s now a moratorium on fracking in Stokes County!!

Air is key; water is key. Klein details the evidence that fracking puts our drinking water at great risk; that there are links between fracking and small earthquakes; that this kind of gas extraction causes leakage of methane into the atmosphere. Methane is one of the worst greenhouse gases, heating the planet much more intensely than carbon dioxide. And…if we don’t keep the watch on those rising temperatures–including the ocean–well…

Okay. There’s another lyric from a song I remember. (Tom Paxton?)
“Whose garden was this? It must have been lovely. Did it have flowers? I’ve seen pictures of flowers…I’d loved to have smelled one…”

Hope I didn’t wreck your day or anything. If you can, though, buy Naomi Klein’s book even if you have to read one page a day for…say a year. It’ll be worth it.

Sandy Dreis





















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