Today’s blog is about the excitement of knowing that those 300 copies will all be sold by the end of 2016! What is even better? Well, already I have some wonderful events lining up.


My daughter and website designer, Haley, is flying in from Nashville for the BOOKMARKS book signing: Of course you will find us at: “The Green Table” #3 – which is in the lovely Reynolds Place Room at the Milton Rhodes Center on Spruce Street. I’ll be there with my green pen. There will be brochures and information about local environmental groups and activities.


Great fun, great learning! Join in for an inspiring evening of hands-on activities. Participate in the lovely Jewish holiday celebrating the beauty of nature. Vivian Smith and Rabbi Mark Strauss-Cohn have invited me to present my book, ECOWARRIORS. Drama is never far from my mind; so, volunteers from the B’nai B’rith Youth Group will be cast in the roles of the four main characters in my young adult eco-fantasy. (Age 15) Come hear them read and act out scenes I have scripted from my book. See Cynthia Silber for scripts in the office of Temple Emanuel, starting November 20th.

TEEM ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT – film, book presentation, discussion

TBA. Coming soon, Jim Tittle’s award-winning documentary, “The Price of Sand” will be shown at one of TEEM’s Thursday night events in 2016. The film deal with the epidemic of frac sand mining–the “sand rush” that is taking over huge areas of Wisconsin and Minnesota. This is a serious theme that underlies the daring adventures of my four teenage ecowarriors: Davie, Sharon, Carl and Melissa.


Big news! My novel will be on display at this prestigious conference and exhibition taking place January/February 2016. THE ECOWARRIORS: Book One – The Bluffs of Baraboo will be featured by iUniverse/ Rising Star and Editor’s Choice endorsement in the Young Adult fiction category of action/adventure.

Stay tuned,

Sandra Dreis, Author (Sandy)

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