Well, here it is–my first blog post! Today my first book goes to print. Five beautiful letters. Give me a P, give me an R–okay, you get the idea and overflowing enthusiasm. Yes, PRINT! Took over five years to write the ecofantasy that needs to be written on behalf of Mother Earth and, of course, my own dearest mother, Harriet. Stay tuned. I’ll need about ten days to get everything organized on my website with the forthcoming details.

           ECOWARRIORS: Book One – The Bluffs of Baraboo

Why do you ask–are four teenagers given superpowers by a dynasty of badgers in order to save Wisconsin from a horrific, stalking sand monster? Let me tell you without giving too much away.

Do this. Imagine a nice large puzzle of the United States. One that you might find in a first grade classroom. Now remove ‘Wisconsin’ from the puzzle and put it in a food processor and turn it on low. Add chocolate milk. Or, if you don’t have access to a food processor, a blender will do. Or yet again, go on and take the puzzle piece outside and drop it in the dirt. If you don’t have dirt, a good sand box will work too. Now lift your New Balance sneakers and crush that piece of cardboard repeatedly. Go on. Mash it good. Grind it. Pulverize it.

Hey! What are you doing? Why are you listening to me? Aha…Well, now you get the feel for what frac sand mining is doing to the Badger State. The natural beauty of the landscape, riverbanks, pastures are being invaded in the great ‘sand rush’ that has been escalating like crazy in the past five years. That’s because Wisconsin is the country’s greatest source of this special sand. Hydrofracturing or fracking is a monster that must be fed–creating even more monsters: the pollution of our earth and water.

Yep. Those four solstice born teens don’t realize what they’re getting into! (Oops!) Makes for lots of action and adventure. I have to admit, my imagination really took off here. Like a blindfolded archer, I started the book without realizing where exactly=–it was going. I’ll tell you why. I didn’t think it was possible to write a whole book. I’ve been writing short poems and stories since I was a kid. But this? I doubted, at first, that I could do it. 50,000 words? 200 pages? I just let it rip. Just had to get it out on the page. Then later–edit, edit, edit and edit. What did I learn? Mucho–the hard way. Book two will have a major outline. I’m already on it!

I just want to share the excitement of writing for Young Adults. I like to have fun learning. Major fun! My inner teenager may be hidden, but it’s very much alive. To inform, to illuminate, to inspire: that’s my goal. To spawn a new generation of activists for the environment. Yes. Hope my first book does the trick. (Oh, you adults can read it, too.)

Thanks for taking the time to read my first ever blog. Would love to hear from you here or on my website.

website: http://www.sandrabdreis.com

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